I have a deep connection with pattern. It is a visual element that transcends history and material by tapping into human intercultural memory. The human brain inherently seeks and recognizes patterns in our world and every society since the Neolithic age has created designs that contribute to their sense of identity. From the stitching in an embroidered Victorian waistcoat, to the composition of tiles in a Moroccan courtyard, I am fascinated with different ways of producing visual rhythm through repetition. I think of pattern as a concept which can be used to explore the complex relationships between different traditions of making.


We build a physical language around ourselves through garments and architectural structures, using disparate materials to communicate in similar ways. Referencing textile and architectural ceramic, I create a pattern narrative around the human body. I make sculptures constructed of small ceramic tiles linked together with fibers, making the rigid flexible as tile transforms to textile. Using the media in this way denies their usual tactility and function, and creates a conversation that spans multiple craft traditions. My illustrated wall tiles examine the same themes in glaze and china paint. By combining personal and historical sources to compose patterns around the body I draw connections between material, time, and culture.